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Arhiva pentru June, 2012

If you are a student of European studies, political science, international relations or have other reasons to call yourself a proud European, then this project is perfect for you! Together with 19 other student from all over Europe you will travel to...

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Hosting organisation SVC Mikado from Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic is looking for 1 EVS volunteer for a project with EI. Ref. 2010-CZ-10. Project will start 1st September 2012 and ist duration is 1 year. The project takes place in leisure center Mikado...

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How to survive the crisis as an entrepreneur journalist? How to address the social effects of crisis? How to explain European policies in times of austerity? What is the impact of crisis on youth? If these are topics that interest you then we invite...

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Hosting organisation School for Peace Location: Egmond-Binnen, Netherlands is looking for 2 EVS volunteers for project with EI. Ref. 2010-NL-34. Date for first activities is 1st October 2012 and will run until 31st July 2013. The Lioba School for...

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United Way Romania va invita sa fiti voluntari in 21 iunie  in "Day of Action 2012" - eveniment care se desfasoara in locatiile United Way din intreaga lume, pentru a incuraja voluntariatul si a imbunatati comunitatea din care facem parte cu...


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