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1 vacancy for Die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube

April 4, 2012 | In: , ,

The staff members of “Die Bäckerei” with the reference 2012-AT-14 are looking for 1 volunteer who wants to support their team. The target group of the “Die Bäckerei” are people, aged 20 – 70 years, who are interested in art & culture.

Description about “Die Bäckerei”:
It Is an old former bakery and was not used for ten years. It is now a plattform for cultural exchange and should give the possibility to communicate different topics of interests, knowledge etc. It is also a place for experiment in the meaning of an easy way to try out things, because there is space (1000m2). It should not be just a place to rent for events, the topic is to support people in transforming their ideas and to arrange events together. The idea also is to mix groups of interests and genres and different ages (also in double-events) to create a situation which is not very common but very interesting in the sense of communication, exchange and also networking. The aim is to get the people to participate and take part on events, workshops to spread the idea of art and culture also among those who were not that involved at that very time.

Profile of the volunteer – we would be happy to host a volunteer who:
* is between 18 and 30 years
* has interest in arts and culture
* is open-minded, flexible, friendly, communicative
* handcraft skills would be appreciated
* computer knowledge e.g. using internet 
* English basic knowledge would be great
* is willing to find out about her/his skills in little projects

Application Deadline: as soon as possible, at latest 16th April 2012

Selection Process:
Please visit webpage of the coordinating organisation InfoEck-Jugendinfo Tirol, download application form and send it directly to the hosting organisation.

Webpage: http://www.mei-infoeck.at/europa-weltweit/freiwilligendienst/volunteers/

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