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2 EVS projects about youth info and mobility in FRANCE

August 23, 2012 | In: , ,

There are two EVS projects managed by Centre Régional Information Jeunesse Champagne-Ardenne, Centre d’information Europe Direct avaible for interested candidates. Projects are long-term (10 to 12 months).

First one project located in Reims has EI. Ref.  2010-FR-56 and the activity dates for this project has not been defined yet. That could start by April 2013 but nothing has been decided yet.

Therefore, we would appreciate that the volunteer let us know your availability. 2 EVS volunteers will be hosted.

Hosting organisation CRIJ wants to involve European young people in some of its information activities towards young people. The goal is twofold: giving a real European and Intercultural dimension to its activities and enforcing the concept of information by the peers.

Information activities which the volunteer can take part are the following:

– Support to the organisation of the Regional information campaign “European Ambassadors : Europe to School”.
The purpose of this campaign is to make aware high school students of the Region about European mobility, cultural diversity and European citizenship. During two weeks, teams gathering a specialist and young Europeans go to schools to promote the european mobility. Young Europeans are the ambassadors and testify about the advantages, expectations and learnings of such experience. Within this framework, the EVS will hep to prepare the information meetings, to the mobilisation of young Europeans and to the general organisation of the campaign.

– Support to the organisation of Regional “forum jobs” organised by CRIJ (March-April). Every year CRIJ organises forum jobs in the Region. The main goal of these event is helping young people to get a job. Appointments and several workshops are proposed. Employers receive also young people. Within this framework, volunteers will support the organisation of the event (communication, material issues, creation of information tools) and will testify of their experience.

– Help to the organisation of occasional workshops and animations about European and “intercultural learnings” set up by CRIJ like European coffee-house debate, culinar workshops, trainings, 9th of May – european day…

– support to the Youth information occasional event.
support to the information of young peopleand help to creation of IT communication tools like videos, websites, blogs.

This list of tasks is not exhaustive. New activities and information workshops can be developped. Of course, according to their hobbies and interests, volunteers can develop a personal project linked to Youth information (workshop, leaflet, website,…). This project will run by taking into account the progression of the volunteer and his self-sufficiency.

Selection criteria: Candidate should be openminded, has respect to cultural diversity, willingness of developping ones communication skills, interests in exchanges and work towards young people…


The second project located in the city of Nuremberg with EI. Ref. 2012-FR-24. The volunteer in this project will probably start in January 2013.

This organisation is a home for young adult. The volunteer will take part in the organisation of social and culture workshops like: theatre, music, food, etc… S/he will take part actively in the different social, cultural or sport activities of the organisation.
Regarding his/her skills and abilities s/he will take part, by instance, in the music workshop, sport activities or outings.
Then volunteer can also be involved in in the projects of the organisation linked to annual themes. Those last years, themes were, by instance, sustainable development and citizenship.
Finally, s/he will especially take part in activities of mobility education through the proposals of thematical meals and/or evenings, exhibitions, and by initiating trips or exchange in his own country.
During the last hosts, the volunteers could organise one or two trips in their countries for the youngsters living in the organisation. Sometimes, new activities were born thanks to the visits. The youngsters wanted to do it themselves in Reims where they have never seen it.
Of course, the organisation, regarding skills, interests and needs of the volunteer will initiate new projects. They will pay attention to proposals from the volunteers.
Selection criteria: Candidates should be highly interested in working with young people and contribute to their reach of self-dependance. They will have to show dynamism, enthousiasm, curiosity. They should be easy-going people and communicative. Because a lot of activities wil be dealt with youngsters who do not speek any foreign languages, it will be asked to the volunteers to have basic skills in French and have the willingness to communicate in French during their EVS.

Interested? Send to  sve@crij-ca.fr (contact person Gilles BUFFET) your CV, motivation letter (availbe after asking for at evs@studentplus.ro) and the form attached duly filled not later than 15th September 2012.

Additional contact details: www.crij-ca.fr and skype account: crij-ca.

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