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2 EVS projects in Czech Republic:”Kicking for the better world!” and in Youth Office

August 10, 2012 | In: , ,

Czech hosting organisation INEX-SDA is looking for 2 EVS volunteers (2 sections: Internatinal Volunteering vs. Education) for project located in Czech capital Prague with EI. Ref.  ??? starting from March 2013 with duration 1 year.

Both volunteers will mainly work in Prague office, supporting volunteering and educational projects.

The volunteers become members of the INEX-SDA team and participate in all parts of the organisation life such as regular office meetings, public and promotion events etc.

Every year INEX-SDA organize over 35-40 international voluntary workcamps across the Czech Republic where a group of local and foreign volunteers support ecological, social or cultural-historical community projects. To Czech volunteers we offer voluntary projects of our partners worldwide for a period of 2 weeks up to one year.

The office is run on everyday basis. Working hours of volunteers are flexible within 9 am to 5 pm. Sometimes there can be work during weekends (training, seminars) but this will be always compensated by a time off at alternative days.

Proposed tasks for the volunteer joining International Volunteering section:
By organising international voluntary projects, educational programs and campaigns we assist to the development of a tolerant and open society and encourage an active and responsible approach to the world around us both locally and globally.

1. administrative support of international voluntary exchange (getting to know the system of exchange, updating the internal database of projects and volunteers);
2. possibility to take part in the voluntary project as a camp leader and prepare, organise and facilitate educational workshops on various topics;
3. taking active part in trainings of INEX-SDA (trainings for camp leaders in the Czech Republic, preparatory trainings for volunteers going abroad, experiential trainings and voluntary projects for secondary school students);
4. getting know different Czech and international NGO’s and their work and projects (through platforms INEX-SDA is involved in);
5. raising awareness about volunteering and voluntary projects and intercultural exchanges among the Czech youth at different regions of Czech Republic (presentations, promo actions, meetings etc.);
6. opportunity to develop project according to her/his interest;
7. opportunity to learn Czech.

Proposed tasks for the volunteer joining Education section, mainly project Football for Development.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute towards the enhancement of global responsibility of the Czech citizens using football as an effective tool to raise awareness about global issues.

The specific objectives are: 1) to contribute towards strengthening the dialogue between the global North and global South and 2) to increase the awareness about global issues and development cooperation. The main activity of the project is a campaign: Kicking for the better world! The campaign takes place in June/July each year in few regions of the CZ. It consists of football tournaments, street shows, workshops cultural events, public screenings, debates and exhibitions. The event is run by youth organizations, Kenyan-Czech football team and volunteers.

Proposed volunteer’s tasks:
Assisting with the preparation and realisation of “Football for Development” project from March to July. While taking part in organisation tasks before the campaign starts, s/he will be appointed to communicate with participants and preparing documents.

While assisting with realisation of the campaign s/he will be supporting the youth during their travel around the CZ in co-organizing public events, football tournaments, youth workshops, assisting project coordinator with financial management, documenting the campaign etc.

Interested? Please send your CVs and motivation letters until 20th of August 2012 to liga.lyvs@gmail.com

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