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Arhiva pentru April, 2012

Mostar Friedensprojekt din Postdam, Germania cauta voluntari pe 6/7  luni. Proiectul va incepe in 1 iunie 2012. Profilul voluntarului: - sa vorbeasca limba germana si/sau limba engleza, cel putin nivel de incepator - sa fie motivat - sa ii...

Association Ecoinitiatives din Benowo, Polonia cauta voluntari, pe 1 an, pentru perioada 01.09.2012 - 31.08.2013. Pentru proiect se poate aplica pana in 28.04.2012!!!!!!!! Profilul voluntarului: - sa ii placa sa lucreze in sat - sa ii placa...

Hosting Organisation: Baptist Church in Zielona Góra, Poland is looking for 2 participants for short-term EVS project. Project with EI ref. 2011-PL-119 wil start 1st May 2012 and it will run unti 31st August 2012. Project already started but two...

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Hosting organisation from Slovenian Epeka (more details avaible here:  http://www.epeka.si/) Slovenian city Maribor "European Capital of Youth 2013" is looking for 2 EVS volunteers for project with EI ref. 2011-SI-63. Project starts in...

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Hosting organisation Dom Kultury 502 located in Lodz, Poland (details: http://www.wdk.pl/) is looking for 1 EVS volunteer for EI ref.  2012-PL-39. Project will start 1st October 2012 and its duration is 9 months. The main goal of the Cultural...

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