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3 Danish EVS projects in High schools

March 9, 2012 | In: , ,

AFS Interkultur is currently looking for volunteers for 1st of May 2012 deadline for the 2 following EVS projects:

Danish folk high school Snoghøj Højskole is looking for EVS volunteer. Project with REF. no 2011-DK-20 will start in August 2012 and its duration is 10 months.

Danish folk high school Brenderup Højskole with an international profile is looking for candidate for project with REF. no 2010-DK-11. Project will start in August 2012 and its lenght is 10 months.

Furthermore, volunteers for a brand new project “Kolding Youth School that is not yet in the database are needed.

Anyway project description: Kolding Youth School is a public organisation working with youth of the municipality of Kolding in the age group between 13-18 years of age, which is approximately 7.000 youngsters.

The role of the volunteer will be as a project manager of a sort in the sense, that s/he will have a large influence on the project, that s/he participates in.

The volunteer will receive a thorough presentation of the organization and all of its activities. They will also try the different aspects themselves while being in “job practice” in the different branches. In this way, they will have a deep understanding of the organization, its core values and of the youngsters, we work with, before beginning the volunteers own project.

There are different activities and projects planned for potential volunteers including teaching our student council social media competences, developing a new strategy for using Facebook, organizing a national youth conference on democracy, creating a workshop comparing youth culture in different European countries and many more.

The volunteers will live with host families in Kolding City, so that they will have a social network to draw upon apart from the Kolding Youth School organization.

Kolding is situated fairly in the middle of Denmark with a larger railroad station, so the volunteers will have plenty of opportunities to travel to other parts of Denmark. This is important to us, as we also see ourselves as ambassadors of Denmark and want our volunteers to experience Denmark.

Interested? Send an e-mail with letter of motivation, CV and a photo to nanna.simonsen@afs.org. Please also remember to mention the number or title of the project for which you apply for and the period you are available.

NB: Only applications market with a project number or title and received before the 16th of March 2012 will be considered!

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