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3 EVS volunteers needed for United societies of Balkans (project in Greece)

May 29, 2012 | In:

Hosting organisation United societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) (Details avaible here: http://www.usbngo.gr) is looking for 3 EVS volunteers. Project with EI ref. 2011-GR-30 located in Thessaloniki, Greece will start 1st February 2013 with duration 11 months.

Proposed activities: To meet the other EVS volunteers and their host organizations as much as possible and do the documentation internet during this performance.

The responsibilities of the volunteers are defined as below:
To identify the host organizations to be visited and to make the related appointments,
To meet the host organizations and do the documentation (photo, picture, notes, etc),
To share the knowledge weekly in e-radio channel,
To find out program and project for activity promotions, to work on widening the results,
Volunteers to involve in EVS advertisement works of the U.S.B. employees,
Volunteers to create their own activities about the EVS advertisement,
To participate the workshop activity “E-Balkans” and to understand European and Balkan cultures,
To support the other projects of the organization in order to gain extra skills and knowledge.

Volunteers are selected based on meritocratic criteria and without any discrmination. Candidates have to be enthusiastic about their participation and their interests to be relevant with organizations’ activities so to improve their skills within their stay.

The “United Societies of Balkans” is an NGO created in Thessaloniki in 2008 by a group of motivated young people with rich experience about volunteer programs, social awareness and vision to mobilize young people, their involvement in volunteering, the their awareness about social issues and access to knowledge.

Interested? Send your CV an motivation not later than 3rd June 2012 to unitesocietiesofbalkan@yahoo.gr (contact person Alessandro Imborgia)

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