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3 vacancies in Czech EVS project related to leisure activities for teens

April 6, 2012 | In: , ,

3 volunteers are needed for EVS projects in Náchod, Czech Republic for volunteering at community school and Youth center for 10 months – flexible to 12, starting 1st September 2012.

Decko Náchod-Czech Republic with EI ref. 2010-CZ-9 holds the position of regional coordinator in the field of youth projects, non-formal education of children and youths, cooperation with youth clubs, NGO, schools, Romany community center and other projects. Decko has 5 units: art and crafts, dance, outdoor activities, socio scientific, and a mother care centre.

Decko coordinate projects with following EI ref. numbers:  2010-CZ-11 and 2010-CZ-12, 2010-CZ-14.

Proposed tasks: The volunteer shall work in the youth club in Decko. The youth club is a space for spontaneous activity of youths. The club also acts as an information centre for youths. S/he will  work with children (6-14) and youth, groups in dance and music classes under the leadership of a specialist. They will support work on spontaneous, occasional events and summer camps. The volunteer will also have space to create a project on his/her own, bringing new ideas.

Decko Náchod cooperates with some schools in our region their program is aimed at a development of community life. Those schools and centers have a wide range of after schools activities and some specialize in work with those with special needs. “Special needs” includes dyslexics as well as those with attention deficit disorders. Volunteer will work with children in the position of an assistant of leader in leisure activities – after school activities, language activities, sport activities, and school trips. There is possibility to assist disabled students during school and after school time, especially during sport activities.

Selection criteria:Preferable with good English language knowledge.

Interested? Send an e-mail with letter of motivation, CV, photo and Skype name to
hiebschova@seznam.cz till 15th April 2012.

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