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4 EVS vacancies in Belgium hostfamilies projects (disabilities and environment)

January 27, 2012 | In: , ,

Project “AFS: Connecting Lives, Sharing Cultures: volunteer work at a local project and intregration into a hostfamily” is looking for 4 EVS volunteers.

Hosting organisation alreade had forseen to host 10 volunteers for 10 spots on this project, each in a local project.

Selection criteria: Candidates that are really open to living in a hostfamily as this is crucial for a good match with mission and project. They should be motivated to work in the concrete project, to live with and integrate into an unpaid Belgian hostfamily, available to start as soon as possible (soonest 15 febr, latest end March) till 29 July 2012 (non-flexible end-date) –> (we give priority to candidates that can start earlier then others)

These are the 3 avaible spots (check EI Ref. Number with details about tasks and selection criteria):

2010-BEFL-24: AFS – Ons Tehuis Brabant: creative activities with people with a mental disability

2011-BEFL-22: AFS – Wildlife Hospital: Natuurhulpcentrum Opglabbeek – saving the lives of little wild animals and birds
2011-BEFL-21: AFS – vzw Matthijs in Ieper (Ypres) project with physically challenged children

Interested? Fill out the PRE-APPLICATION FORM that you can find here <http://www.afsvlaanderen.be/fileadmin/afsbfl/EVS_projecten/EVS_-_Pre-applic
and send it to Elsk.Vanden.Eede@afs.org as soon as possible.

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