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3 vacancies in Swedish EVS projects (youth centre & music events organising)

April 18, 2012 | In: , ,

There is an open call for available EVS placements in Sweden. Keks Network located in MÖLNDAL is looking for EVS volunteers for youth centres. Project will start in September 2013 with duration 10,5 months.

1-2 Placements: Eurodesk office/Youth centre with International profile, Grevedämmet, Mölndal (EI 2010-SE-20)

Tasks of the volunteers: To work in the Eurodesk office/Youth centre and to implement information
ventures as well as other activities in relation to international youth work. To help get the newly opened Eurodesk office/Youth centre get more visitors and to introduce an interesting programme of activities and to support youngsters with information about the Youth in Action programs projects especially EVS or ongoing youth exchange projects. The volunteers will also support the KEKS network with information sessions and workshops about international youth work.

The volunteers will help with international projects: help in the process of the application, report writing of finished projects and ongoing administration and with economy. Keep contact with partner organizations. To be able to help organizing special events and workshops for unemployed young people about the possibilities and advantages of EVS.

A large possibility for the volunteers to take own responsibility and to run own projects.

1 Placement: Grevedämmet youth center, Mölndal (EI 2009-SE-29)

Task of the volunteer: The volunteer will be placed in Grevedämmet youth center and foremost be responsible for a group of youngsters who formed a photo group. The photo group meets once a week and has so far engaged in studio photography and dark room/ black and white photo using Holga cameras. The volunteer will be responsible in supporting the group and make an interesting schedule for them. The work would also include visiting the other youth centres in the City of Molndal with the photo equipment and make workshops for other youngsters etc. It would also be possible to arrange other cultural activities.

Grevedämmet youth center has music rehearsal rooms and the volunteer can also engage in the different possible music activities. Grevedämmet also has a small Skate park and many young people come here especially in summer/spring to skate.
Finally there is a possibility also to work with children with light handicap such as Down’s syndrome in the youth centre, because the youth centre host this group on certain hours each day. The last years volunteers have implemented very fine music projects/concerts with this group which has been very successful and appreciated by all parts.

If you want to apply to the different projects, send your application to akaki.jamburia@molndal.se latest 22nd April 2012 and, pls mark your email “Eurodesk EVS-call”. Write the name of the project that you are interested in.

Send CV + 1 photo + Motivation letter. Your Motivation letter must include your personal motivation for working with teenagers in a youth centre and why you are interested in the project. In addition write down any special skill, especially artistic and creative skills are useful for working in the youth centers.

Financials: Volunteers get a monthly payment around 300€ per month (including pocket money) that should cover food and leisure activities.

Selection criteria: We very much welcome young people with “fewer opportunities”, all religions and sexual orientation. Volunteers should be minimum 22 years old because of the youth centers target groups.

Info for Sending organizations: 5 % of the international travel is to be paid by the SO (remaining 5% payed by the HO).

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