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4 EVS volunteers needed for Spanish Laboratory of Creativity

May 30, 2012 | In: , , ,

Hosting organisation Asociacion Laboratorio Creactiva (details here: http://laboratoriocreactiva.eu/) located in Granada, Spain is looking for four volunteers. Project with EI ref. 2011-ES-73 will start 1st February 2013 with duration 10 months.
Laboratorio Creactiva is a non-profit organization whose aims are:
1. To promote, disseminate, protect and promote the Art and Cultural Heritage of Andalusia.
2. Population approach to culture and art in all its facets.
3. Promote cooperation and cultural exchange between the Association and
any other cultural associations, governments, institutions and partner organizations as well as, national …

Activities proposed for EVS volunteers:
The volunteers will use their own ideas, creativity and expertise to develop their own projects or activities related to the work of the organisation. The specific activities provided by the organisation are:
1. Puppet Lab for the elderly and for integration:
2. Support the staff of the association with art therapy workshops aimed at senior people that will take place in a nursing home in Granada.
3. Support the development of our main EVS project: promote healthy lifestyles, outdoor activities and sports among young people through the fight against alcohol abuse through a campaign.
4. Creative workshops and events organization. Support for operators and users to develop hobbies or special skills and creativity (painting, drawing, photo, recycling etc.) to facilitate socialization and also relationships with our customers / users.
5. Activities carried out daily by the association, such as organizing contacts, mailing lists, social networks,…
6. Designing and developing projects. Volunteers will help operators to design, develop and evaluate projects, both local and European

Interested? Sent your CV and motivation letter to evs.laboratoriocreativa@gmail.com (contact person Alessandro Imborgia) by 2rd June 2012

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