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Arts, kids, youths, dog asylum – volunteering in Croatian EVS project

January 18, 2012 | In: , ,

Project with reference number 2010-SI-11 managed by Youth Centre for Non-formal Education – CREATORS not CONSUMERS is looking for volunteer in Osijek, Croatia from June 2012.

Volunteer’s activities: Promote the YiA programme, especially EVS , with our “open door programme” as well as the volunteer’s cultural background – “Meet my country.”  Volunteering in one of the 25 kindergartens of the City of Osijek (children from the age of 4 to 6 years) .

Take active part in publishing photos and articles about interesting subjects on the Youth Centre’s website. Educational workshops and design of promo materials,  socializing within the youth club and animation games, helping organizing local events for the City of Osijek, etc.

Activities which the volunteers can do in the morning working hours are:

– cooperation with a sports gym (gymnastics with age 3-16) , – 3 times 2 hours per week
– Kindergarten ( children from the age of 6 months to 6 years) – 3 times 2 hours per week
– Cooperation with the dog asylum, – 2 times per week including Saturday.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Person that understands responsibility and is interested to work with young people, children and dogs. It would be good if the volunteer is creative, has a little experience in group work. The volunteers should have at least average knowledge of English, because our members know only that foreign language, or a Slavic language.

Interested? Please send urgently your CV, sending organization info to youthcentre.evs(at)gmail.com with the subject ”EVS in Osijek-III”, where are Office Manager will contact you and send you the partnership agreement/part III and answer any of your questions.

Note: the volunteer must need to pass the medical and sanitary inspection which license is one year.

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