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Balkans, let´s get up! Apply for scholarship for Spring Seminar about Ecology and Civic activism

February 24, 2012 | In: , ,

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS  “Balkans, let´s get up!” (SEE & Romania). “BLGU” is a programme that combines theory and practice of democratic engagement and it aims to support the democratic development of the Balkan region by strengthening its Civil Society.

It is open for participants from the Western Balkans as from Romania and Bulgaria.  (17.-24. April 2012).

You can apply for a scholarship for participation in the whole programme.

It consists firstly of three seminars to create and develop a project idea, to prepare the implementation of the participants’ projects and to evaluate and reflect the conducted projects.

Secondly, it consists of the participants’ projects, whose planning is supported by international trainers and whose implementation is accompanied by experienced project managers as Mentors.

Thirdly, participants become part of the already established Network of young engaged social activists of BLGU.

For the application it is not a criteria, whether you study or work, which religion or ethnicity you belong to or if you are experienced in international exchange or in project management. If you are motivated to play an active part in your society you are the right person to apply for the programme of BLGU.


• Age from 18 to 27 and ability to discuss in English

• Motivation and time to take part in each step of the programme

Interested? Contact the organisers via www.balkansletsgetup.org

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