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Bulgarian EVS project in historical museum and jewellery manufactura

May 18, 2012 | In: , ,

NGO”Youth development center-mutual aid” is looking for 1 EVS volunteer for project with EI ref. 2009-BG-19. Activities will start 5th June 2012 and duration of project is 8 months.

The project will allow the participating volunteers to be involved in activities to familiarize themselves with best practices for the development of intercultural relations.

Proposed activities:

The project includes special educational activities and visits supported by museum of the city Kazanlak: working as volunteer in the local historical museum. Show the different historical attraction in the meseum. Guide the new tourist there.

The project also includes activities to raise funds to support the organization and allocation of scholarship for young talents as a means of promoting their chance for an easy realization of the labor market. Working about the book with title “Alternatives” by which to promote EVS philosophy and volunteering in Bulgaria. The organization already had a book which is guide for the future EVS volunteer. These time the book which will be create on the project will be continuous of the first book with new emotions, thoughts, experience and feelings.

The participants of the project will make the wall of volunteerism where will be the names of the volunteers of the project.

To examine the EU’s youth initiatives as a tool to help combat youth unemployment and improving skills of the young person adaptability to new conditions of financial meltdown.

Organize meetings with GCDF certified career consultant developing ideas and projects with its help.

Assistance in the office – support functions. The volunteer should assist in the manufacture of jewellery and some other art objects. This action requires creativity and generation of artistic ideas;Working in art club as painting the pictures and T-shirts, making the jewelry, working with photoshop and corel draw.

Interested? Send your CV with foto and motivation letter to tzanev@ydcma.org until 29th May 2012.

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