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Call for EVS volutneers in Latvian Children/Youth Centre

February 20, 2012 | In: , ,

Alūksnes Youith and children center  is searching for 2 EVS volunteers. Project with reference number 2009-LV-28 will start 1st October 2012 and its duration is 8 months.

Aluksne Children and Youth Centre (ACYC) is an educational institution established by Aluksne Town Council according to Ministry of Education and Science.

The main goals of ACYC to establish and realize policy of leisure time activities for Aluksne children and youth, to promote and offer possibilities of non-formal education for youngsters.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers: Volunteers will support daily work in office,  co-working on activities and events created by Aluksne Children and Youth Centre,  organizing free time activities for young people,  participating in preperation of local events (technical and administrative assistance),  participate in rural activities in Aluksne district. S/he will also take pictures/video of ACYC activities, events and creating wall-newspaper every month and organize at least 2 national evenings where presenting his/her country and it`s culture. Depending on his/her skills creating and leading his own regular workshops. S/he can join local interest groups depending on his/her wishes.

There are different activities realized by ACYC:

Hobby groups and elective courses: 14 programs realized by pedagogical staff and more than 600 students age 6-19 (theatre group, folk
dances, aerobics, , language training…), non-formal education and
activities for youngsters.
Youth club “The Others”, Youth Health organization, Dance group, Projects in collaboration with local municipality, non- governmental organizations, institutions in region, Latvia, Europe, Actions,
competitions, expositions (organizing and participation).

Interested? Please send your CV and motivation letter till 14th March 2012 to jauniesi.info@gmail.com. CV – one part need to be your experience in voluntary, especially with youth and children.

Motivation letter – same part need to be:

1 Why you choose do your EVS in Alûksnes Children and youth center, please write three reasons?

2 What will be activity what you could offer for Alûksnes youth? For example – language course, guitar and drums workshop, music making workshop and another activities, non formal education seminars, organize free time activities and camp.


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