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1 week in Macedonian STREET ART youth exchange (Call for participants from Moldova with Romanian passport)

February 15, 2012 | In: , ,

Youth Exchange in Macedonia will be realised by Centre for Rural Development – SEE. Organizer of this event which will be from 10 till 18 of March 2012 is looking for Moldavian participants with Romanian passport.

Working language: the communicative English will be dominant working language for the participants and group leaders.

This Youth Exchange is an opportunity to meet new possible project partner/promoters working with youngsters, coming from Youth in Action programme and partner countries and to set up international projects within the framework of the Programme.

The Youth Exchange would take place in the city of Struga with 50 participants from 10 countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Slovakia, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Greece and Romaina.

The “Street pARTy” youth exchange is continuation of the two previews youth exchanges “Street pARTy” 1 & 2 which took place in Ukraine, 2008 and in Serbia 2009, This exchange is an international meeting focused on developing mutual understanding of European citizenship, improving youth mobility in the Neighbouring partner countries, raising intercultural learning process of young people and their international experience in general.

The main project theme is street art as an alternative way of expressing actual problems towards the society and also promotion of street art in rural ares. The activity program is based on non-formal and in-formal methods that will ideally reflect and fulfill the project aims and objectives. The expected project outcome foresees promotion of art in rural area and interaction between young participants and local community through street art performing.

Tasks of young participants

before the activity: prepare a short presentation of best example of art in their work. The preparation can be in paper, on power point, trough video, photo or est. prepare 1 hour intercultural evening presentation; bring artistic tool/instrument if they have one;
during the activity: make Youth in Action Programme presentations; make intercultural evening about their country; active participation in proposed workshops; perform and interact with local community in action “Street pARTy”; participate in ongoing evaluation sTEAmgroups time;
organize farewell party.
after the activity: evaluate project at the end of the youth exchange “Street pARTy 3”; discuss and plan follow up activity after the project activity in their home country; write feedbacks and/or articles about the project “Street pARTy3” in local newspaper, promoter web-sites, etc.

In case you are vegetarian or don’t eat some meals, let us know because the Macedonian menu is not enough adapted to satisfy the vegetarians taste. To avoid any problems with food we would be pleased to inform us about your needs in advance.

Travel issue: According to the rules of Youth in Action Programme the project grant is covering 70% of travel expenses for the youth exchange. The contact persons are expected to arrange journey for their national groups to the project place by the cheapest means of transport and fares (APEX airfare, 2nd class train ticket, etc.) The travel expenses will be reimbursed in amount 70% from the total price for participants who will attend the youth exchange only after we will get all original tickets by post after the activity.

Insurance: the contact persons are in charge to arrange the travel insurance for participants, which will cover their travel to Macedonia and back as well as their stay in Macedonia. Unfortunately, the grant can not cover this kind of expenses.

Interested? Send an e-mail to search4programs@yahoo.com till 20 February 2012 at 12: 30.

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