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Call for participants: FYEG Wintercamp 2012 in Switzerland

January 12, 2012 | In: , ,

Wintercam managed by Federation of Young European Greens that will take place in Le Bémont (Switzerland) in period 19.-26.2.2012.

The topis of this wintercamp is Living Together on the Net: Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue in On-Line Youth Debate and Youth Work.

Apply for the winter camp that will take place in Swiss mountains where we will deal with all these issues (and more) in a warm cottage covered by snow!

The aims of the winter camp:

– to clarify and promote of the importance of issues of intellectual property rights, censorship, media legislation and open access to the Internet,

– to discuss the subjects of net-neutrality, open data, privacy and copyright,

The main objectives of the gathering are:

Promoting the idea of digital tools for coexistence of young people from different and mixed backgrounds and the consequences of a digital every-day multi-cultural environment;

Discovering new approaches and methods to empower the member organizations to encourage and motivate young people into an active participation, with a focus on Internet-politics and the digital sphere;

Working methodology will combine different educational methods like lectures, workshops, role games, intercultural activities.

The Winter Camp will combine Youth Exchange funded by Youth in Action Programme and seminar of FYEG funded by European Youth Foundation. In total it shall gather around 80 young people from all over Europe.

Accommodation and Food are covered by FYEG, 70% of your travel-costs will be reimbursed if you provide the tickets!

To apply, please fill-in form avaible at: http://www.fyeg.org/main/index.php/get-involved/activities/12-calls-for-participants/278-call-for-participants-fyeg-wintercamp-2012 until deadline 13. January 2012


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