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DUBUTEFEKTS EVS project in Latvian Youth centre

April 6, 2012 | In: , ,

Youth initiative centre in Ranka, Latvia is looking for EVS volunteers for project related to education through sport and outdoor activities.  The project with EI ref. 2010-LV-14 starts 1st July 2012 and its duration is 9 months.

In youth center there is regular movie evenings, discussions, gymnastics and multimedia group meetings. Youth center has been used as place for events and as a place where other projects can be advertised. Most active youngsters that take part in YC activities has been to exchange programms, took a part in local or regional measures. Example of realised activties for youth you can watch here: http://wn.com/Thepranza#

Proposed activities: There is a space for activities, resources to implement volunteers ideas and responsiveness from local youngsters.Volunteer will be equal to our youngsters in activities, which includes taking part in planning activities, organising activities, sharing expierence between host youth inititave centre and EVS volunteers in unformal education. S/he would teach his native language to local youngsters, organise workshops about youth culture differences in sending organisation, sports activities, theater, multimedia etThere are diffirent needs for youngsters that comes to „B.u.M.s”, some of them come when they have free time, some of them only when they have any problem. Most active and busy days are weekends and holidays, when youngsters dont have to go to school. Most active visitors are students from high school and university.

Selection criteria: Motivation and readiness to live in a small village.

Interested? Send your CV with photo and motivation letter to bums@gulbene.lv (contact person and details: Jana Keibeniece, Tel: +37126634652) until 20th April 2012.

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