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European Network for EVS volunteering in social areas in Italy

July 19, 2012 | In: , ,

Volunteers who are interested in joining activities in Sicily are wanted projects related to social volunteering for youth empowerment.

The European NGO InformaGiovani with EI Ref. 2011-EACEA-39 is going to apply with its partners at the next deadlines of Youth in Action, on the 1st of september and 1st of October 2012 for different EVS projects with different duration.

In particular, InformaGiovani plan to apply for:
One project lasting 8 months starting on the 10th of January 2013 for 2/3 volunteers from 33 Youth in Action programme countries and neighboring countries

One project lasting 12 months starting on the 1st of March 2013 for 6 volunteers from all over the world, among the YiA programme countries, neighboring countries and third countries from Asia, Latin America and Africa

All volunteers will be involved in different activities during the week (according to their preference, their skills, their level of Italian language, the period of the year) among the following possible activities:
• InformaGiovani office
The office is the place where we organize all our projects and also run some activities, such as training courses, infoday, “fairs” of volunteering activities and internatinal co-operation organizations. Here volunteers will support the general running of the office and IG network all over Europe.

• Centro anch’io
Community house for disabled adults and young people. Volunteers will help local staff and volunteers to run daily activities and organize leisure time and workshops for hosts of the community

Biblioteca dei bambini e delle bambine
Based in the poor area of Albergheria”, the so called “Biblioteca of the girls and boys” is the only cultural free activity offered to the young people of the district and is managed by a group of local volunteers and by families. Volunteers will support daily activities and run artistic workshops for kids.

• Isola delle Femmine
Small island close to Palermo’s shore, were InformaGiovani organizes environmental awareness activities for kids and organize environmental workshop and volunteering activities. EVS volunteers will work in supporting the organization of such activities, support the relation with local schools, associations and parishes in involving young people, will support the organization of short-term voluntary projects in the area. Project run in co¬operation with LIPU, birds protection league. Activities run from April to September.

• Libera Scuola Waldorf
Beside running a school based on Rudolf Steiner teachings, the project, run by teachers and parents of pupils, provides educational tools and paths to kids, boys and girls aged between 2 and 13 in close connection with many local social groups, green economy actors, sustainable development NGOs.

Volunteers will help in running daily activities, support artistic and music workshops for kids and with the participation of families. Volunteers will be involved in supporting the presence of handicapped pupils in the activities.

How to apply: Interested candidates, must send their CV and a motivation letter to the address selections@informa-giovani.org (this address is only for applications, not for information!)

In your motivation letter, please specify the sending organization and if you are interested in the project lasting 8 or 12 months.
Deadlines for sending the candidatures are:
19th of August 2012 for the project starting on the 10th of January 2013
16th of September 2012 for the project starting on the 1st of March 2013

For any information or clarification you may need, please contact info@informa-giovani.org (this is only for information, not for applications!)

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