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EVS for turtles nesting in Turkey

February 8, 2012 | In: , ,

COMU-DEKUM, Turkish hosting organisation working in field of Rehabilitation, Research and Education of sea turtles is looking for EVS volunteers.

The sea turtle nesting beaches located on Samandag/Hatay/Turkey in the northern Mediterranean.

Project is starting 1 June 2012 and its finish is 15 September 2012.

Base camp located at Samandag sea side is ~ 50 m from the beach and volunteers will stay at a house with capacity 12 people. The house has a kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms and one saloon (living room).

TASKS: Members of organisation collect basic information on the nesting ecology, population ecology and behaviour of the turtles at night patrols and morning walks. Field research begins in June and ends in the middle of September. In June and July, activities involve monitoring of some beaches at night, observing nesting females, recording their behavior, measuring and tagging individuals and protecting nests. An assessment is made of the previous night’s turtle activities and any nests are screened to reduce predation. During August and September nests are monitored at night as part of a study into the emergence patterns of hatchlings. On the remaining beaches, hatched nests are observed during the day and excavated to release any remaining hatchlings and assess the success of nests.

Night patrols: These are 4-6 hours shifts. During the patrols we mark and measure the turtles, count eggs, mark and protect nests and give related information to tourist when needed.
Morning walks: checking nests, count tracks and mark nests when needed.
Other activities usually in the afternoon: triangulation of nests, taking nest temperatures or doing nest excavations, and infoservise for tourists

SELECTION CRITERIA: Candidate should be enthusiastic, willing to work as part of a team and have a genuine interest for nature and field work. The position requires candidates to speak English fluently, be 20 yrs or older, responsible, dedicated and hard-working. S/he must be physically fit (potentially walking up to 10 km per shift in soft sand in the heat of the day or in adverse weather) without health problems that would prevent sustained high levels of activity. Applicants should have their own health or accident insurance.

Candidates do not have to be a zoology or science student to participate. However, all volunteers should have a basic knowledge of marine turtle biology and the research findings of the project by the time they come out to Samandag. In addition, a knowledge of Turkish would be invaluable although not essential, you can learn as you go.


We regret that COMÜ-DEKUM cannot offer any remuneration for volunteer and cannot contribute to travel costs or living expenses. Volunteers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Field research team will supply the accommodation and foods. Every participant should contribute these expenses.
Insurance: COMÜ-DEKUM accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the volunteers’ stay at Samandag. Volunteers must have their own health insurance.

Interested? Send an email to bektass@gmail.com with the subject line clearly indicating your selected volunteer period. The following format is suggested on http://dekum.comu.edu.tr/english/homepage.htmlVolunteer application 2012”. Please include Letter of introduction and CV with photo.

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