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EVS Helping at a Belgium shelter house for girls

November 14, 2012 | In: , ,

The ‘Switch’ is a shelter house located on a small farm that 5 to 10 girls between 14 and 18 year old live together. It tries to  give, though its setting, time and space for the youngsters to find or redefine their  interests and capacities. The main aim of our project is to give a place to the youngsters were they can BE. Being without putting pressure on them about big expectations for future life. So sitting in the coach and have a little talk or making a great artwork on the spot have all their importance. Your main task is to support the project.

The project, with EI-ref  2009-BEFL-51, will start in the end of July for 12 months. The deadline to apply is December 22, 2012.

Tasks: You will focus on different support tasks in the project as well as your own project. You will help with the logistics a few hours in the week. Besides that you will provide activities according to your own capacities and passions. Some suggestions and possibilities can be made by the project: Arts, handcrafts, music, cooking, games, sports, technical workshops. You will choose some activities you likes to do. At the same time you will take care also of daily task inside the house together with youngsters and social workers.

Project environment: You will live in Wezemaal,  a village 12 kilometers from Leuven in the Flemish part of Belgium. Wezemaal is part of Rotselaar. You have to note that the house is located outside the centre of Wezemaal in a rural setting. There is a  village centre at 2km with a bancomat, bakery, little shop. You will have your own room.  Kitchen, living room and bathroom are shared with the project and/or two other EVS volunteers. During your stay in Belgium, the bike will become your best friend to get easily to different places nearby. Another option will be that the volunteer will be hosted in a host family (or cohousing project)nearby the project. Living in Betekom has the same rural settings, although it has some more shops in the centre

Selection criteria: You should have social skills to communicate, get in contact with the youngsters through your  tasks on the project. You should be mature enough to deal with the youngsters, get along with non-motivated youngsters with behaviour problems. You should be able to organise some work by yourself, taking initiative for own projects and activities to develop. Moreover, you should be open minded and willing to discuss and think together with the team about your dealing with the youngsters and task, about the methods. Also, you should be able to live in rural setting (not in a city, nearest city Leuven is 12km)

Interested? E-mail Beverly at beverly@studentplus.ro

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