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EVS in European Capital of Youth 2013: Maribor (Slovenia)

April 25, 2012 | In: , ,

Hosting organisation from Slovenian Epeka (more details avaible here:  http://www.epeka.si/) Slovenian city Maribor

European Capital of Youth 2013”

is looking for 2 EVS volunteers for project with EI ref. 2011-SI-63.

Project starts in November 2012 and its duration is 10/12 months.

Proposed tasks:

Volunteers will work on cultural field in our organization EPEKA for project “Together in Maribor” in 2013 our city Maribor is European Capital of Youth.

Projects will be organized in the frame of ECY 2013 like youth exchanges, concerts, debates, exhibitions etc will be there.


Send to epeka@epeka.si untill 27th April 2012 your CV and motivation letter in which you explain your reasons to be one year volunteer in maribow within European Capital of Youth 2013 as well as reasons for volunteering in epeka.

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