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EVS in Spanish interactive science centre

April 23, 2012 | In: , ,

PRINCIPIA SCIENCE CENTER from Malaga (Spain) is looking for 2 motivated candidates for EVS project with EI ref. ??? (it will be acreditated in few days…). Project will start in June 2013 and its duration is 9 months.

Principia constitute a stimulating context for learning and scientific approach to culture.

The attractive presentation of content makes these visits are a first-rate educational aspect that many teachers take advantage when they have this possibility. Exert also a key role as a focus diffusing scientific culture and the popularization of science.

Proposed activities: The volunteer will join to the daily work of Principia and he/she will participate and collaborate in the developing of our activities accompanied by a tutor or responsible from who will get the necessary support for the learning process. A responsible of Principia will take care of the supervision for the support regarding the tasks. The volunteer will not occupy a job and the developed  tasks will not esential for the normal running of the museum, in fact a special learning planning will be designed for his/her personal enrichment, but at the same time he/she will be considered as one more and will be able to contribute with new ideas and develop new projects.

Selection criteria: candidate should be enthusiastic an open-mind with a receptive attitude to share experiences and ideas. S/he should be person who really wanted to live a volunteering, learning of the experience and develop personally and professionally. Young people that felt the meaning of “being a volunteer” and wanted to carry out this service as well as possible, with a positive attitude and above all, with motivation and initiative to develop his/her own personal projects into the activities of Principia.

Interested? Only ONLINE APLICATIONS forms will be accepted! Mails one will not be taken in consideration. Please be sure that you read ALL project description, and then fill in ONLINE APLICATIONS forms and attach MOTIVATION LETTER + CV + PHOTO (they will be asked on ONLINE APLICATIONS forms until 24th April 2012. Selected Candidates will be informed on 24th APRIL and they will have a Phone/Skype Interwiew days after. Online application and details of project are avaible here: http://www.europaerestu.eu/news/read?id=692


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