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EVS in Sweden at the Department of Education

November 1, 2012 | In: , ,

The International Coordination for Education of Lidköping is based in Campus Lidköping. This department works for both Campus Lidköping (adult school) and De la Gardie High School (De la Gardiegymnasiet), which are both located in the center of Lidköping. As a volunteer you will be try to be understanding and support people with psychosocial problems, to help and strengthen these people in their personal development, to understand how and why they work with people (especially youngsters) in Sweden the way they do.

The project, with EI-ref  2010-SE-29, will start in May 2013 and will last one year. The deadline to apply is December 20, 2013.

Tasks: Your activities will be mainly working within the international coordination for the education in Lidköping when they have hosting/sending transnational youth exchanges. Moreover, you can work in the school for adult learners with learning disabilities as an extra help in different subjects. Also, you may participate in various camps and trips, and also participate in its planning. You will also have the opportunity to choose what you want to develop and the organization will try to help you achieve that. If you like working with computers, you can choose to work with digital/media within their programs at De La Gardie high School.

Project environment: You will stay in your own flat, located in the city center, and the transport will be by bicycle. You will be provided with a card that allows you to buy your own food in a local supermarket. You will be living in Lidköping, a wonderfully situated town by Lake Vänern, the third largest lake in Europe. Lidköping is situated in the south of Sweden between Göteborg and Stockholm with a population of 38.000.

Selection criteria: You have to be mature (preferably above 21 years old) and to be a good role model for young people as they work with youngsters between 16-19 years old, to be able to help young people with learning difficulties and social problems to get socialized and in reading and writing. To be a helping hand for the students and to be able to create good relationships with young people. It’s good if you have a basic knowledge in computing, as well as good level in English. If you have a background in psycho-social or education, or experience in these fields, will be an asset.

Interested? E-mail Beverly at beverly@studentplus.ro

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