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EVS in Vicenza (Italy)

November 20, 2012 | In:

The Insieme Cooperativa Sociale Onlus (Vicenza, Italy) is looking for some volunteers starting on October of 2013 lasting 9 months. The deadline is the 1st of February!

Project enviroment: the project and the volunteers’ activities will take place in the city of Vicenza, where the Social Cooperative “Insieme” is placed since the beginning of its activity.

Vicenza is a city of about 115.550 inhabitants. It is strategically placed in the heart of Veneto Region: being practically in the centre of the territory, it is easily and efficiently connected with the other Veneto provinces, especially with Verona, Venezia, Padova and Treviso.

Vicenza is considered the “actual capital” of the Venetian productive system, based on small/medium family run businesses; a sort of backbone for such a system, which is capable of exporting alone as much as some whole European countries. The economy of Vicenza is characterised for having some important productive clusters specialised in gold jewellery, ceramics, tanning and mechanics. Even if the unemployment rate has risen in the past years, it is still very low, nearly physiological.

Proposed activities for the EVS volunteer:

– Italian language training.

Training and experiences in the issues like environment, recycle, sustainable development, critical consumption, de-growth, social inclusion of disadvantage people, third sector, project planning and implementation, networking, Youth in Action programme, equality and administration, issues related to the “European Year of”, like Fight Poverty and Social Exclusion (2010), Voluntary Service (2011), Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity (2012) – the cooperative structure fits very well with these issues, since the permanent presence of any-age volunteers (senior, adults, youth) makes the promotion of intergenerational exchange an ordinary attitude. These training session will take place both during the periodical internal training of the staff, as well as thanks to other external initiatives (seminars, workshops, meetingsā€¦) the volunteers will have the chance to attend. Some sessions will be arranged just for volunteers, some others together with other staff members. The non-formal “learning approach” (role playing, learning by doing, etc.) will be preferred.

– The volunteers’ learning experience will be also necessarily implemented during their work tasks. Summing up, during their exchange experience, the volunteers will become able to:
– be especially sensitive to social facts and to vulnerable people’s needs;
– be active citizens, actually involved in the everyday life foreign society, improving their own sense of European Citizenship;
– promote a lifestyle based on solidarity, which could help them in making choices and increase the value of life day after day, even after the end of the EVS project;
– be able to work in a team and to plan projects;
– be qualified as a tutor for people with social inclusion difficulties;
– be trained in social and environmental issues;
– be working both in the area and in the local area network;
– acquire good participation and “self-taking initiative” skills.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process: volunteers are expected to have basic skills in English and/or Italian language.

Are you interested in this project? Please, write to beatriz@studentplus.ro and send your CV and motivation letter.


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