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EVS open call from Poland: project about women’s development, gender equality, entrepreneurship, etc.

August 21, 2012 | In: , ,

Polish hosting organisation Kobietylodzpl located in Lodz, Poland is looking for EVS volunteer.

Project with EI. Ref. 2011-PL-109 will start 10th February 2013 and its duration is 8 months.

Lodz is know as a city of culture. Lodz used to be a city of four cultures (inhabitants included Polish, German, Russian and Jewish nationalities).

This affected the city and now we can see a lot of these influences. Nowadays, there are many cultural institutions, different cultural events and initiaties give possibilities to participate in them and get inspired by them.

The kobiety.lodz.pl is a non-profit, apolitical, non-governmental consulting-educational organisation and the main goals of the organization are:
– Inspiring women’s development
– Researching stereotypes, fighting for gender equality
– Promoting democratic citizenship and raising women’s awareness of social quality
– creating better condition for women’s professional development and wider participation in the public sphere
– helping women adjust to the new democratic developments and market economy dynamics
– promoting and support of women’s entrepreneurship.

I order to reach these goals, KOBIETY.LODZ.PL organizes various events, including:
– educational activities, such as workshops, conferences, leading discussions
– festivals, such as “Łódź – the city of women” Festival, taking part in June every year, FOKA (Open Festival for Active Women), twice a year
– writing articles and publishing them on our website
– publishing books
– preparing photo exhibitions and making short movie clips

Proposed Tasks for Volunteers:
We research the conditions and stereotypes, which influence the role of women and men. We also study the subject of gender role. We have the look conditioned by our experience and our (Polish) stereotypes. We suppose a new person with new look based on another experiences could give us a new point of view. And, of course, because we are in the united Europe we need more intercultural diversity.

We can offer the volunteers a nice atmosphere, co-operation with young people and possibilities to: – prepare and provide sociological public opinion poll – work out practical examples for educational needs – improve computer skills – acquire a knowledge about sociology, psychology, gender studies etc. – learn about Polish language and many Polish customs, get to know a new unique city and very open inhabitants – many different methods such as making questionnaires, writing articles, searching information in internet, making prezentations, leading discussions, photography, making a films, etc. and get the knowledge in this fields. Tasks for the volunteers include: – writing articles (at least one per week) about gender, woman, discrimination and other topics – gathering (or making) gender photos – the series ‘Lodz in the eyes of an European volunteer’ ( making photo reports about interesting event, habits, curiosities in Lodz ). There are a lot of fascinating activity in our city – festivals, concerts, places, monuments, exhibitions, customs, etc. that could be very interesting for the local people and also for the volunteer. – making a sociological research ( in cooperation with the apprentices ) and preparing report/presentation about it – preparing workshops for school students about gender/stereotypes – cooperation in preparing and conducting occasional events and campaigns in our organization: it can be some workshops, conferences, meetings – realizing the volunteer’s own project (the topic of the project depends on volunteer’s interests, previous volunteers prepare film about our organization, prepare illustration for children book) – making presentations, leading discussions about interesting and important problems on such a fields as gender, discrimination, human rights, minority, tolerance, citizen activity, sociology, psychology, media, education. – optional task

Selection Criteria:
We’d like to host volunteers interested in one or more of the following subjects: citizen activity, sociology, human rights, sex discrimination, gender, media, psychology, education or management. Courageous, open, communicative, active, responsible and optimistic person would feel in our organization and in this project the most comfortable. Project assumes also lots of writing, that’s why a volunteer liking in writing is welcome.

This project is particularly for people who want to work by their own and create new situation and ideas. It’s great opportunity for people who want to be independent.

Interested? Please send your CV, motivation letter and information about your sending organization to katarzyna.kobiety@gmail.com (contact person: Kasia Stępień) not later than 25th August 2012.

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