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EVS opportunity in Bavaria, Germany

November 19, 2012 | In: , ,

The Schwäbische Jugendbildungs- und Begegnungsstätte Babenhausen (JUBI) , 2010-DE-15, is looking for a volunteer starting in September 2013 for 10 or 12 months.

Project environment:
The Schwäbische Jugendbildungs- und Begegnungsstätte Babenhausen is an educational institute and hostel for adolescents, whose responsible body is the Bezirksjugendring Schwaben within the umbrella organisation of the Bayerische Jugendring. The scope of the Jubi´s programme contains experience based trainings, environmental education, conflict resolutions, health and fitness, intercultural exchange and international meetings. The pedagogical focuses of the Schwäbische Jugendbildungsstätte Babenhausen are education for sustainable development, environmental education, experience based training and the content of intercultural learning and experience. In all the projects the Jubi has one or more days seminars for school classes, youthgroups and adults who are working in this sections.

The Schwäbische Jugendbildungsstätte is placed in a quite rural area in Southern Bavaria. The name of the administrative district is “Unterallgäu”. Babenhausen is a small city with 6000 inhabitants. The economical structure of the region is mainly small and medium-sized businesses and crafts. The next cities in size are Memmingen 25 km away and Ulm 50 km away, where are a lot of urban options like cinemas, shops and more. You can easily reach this cities via  public transport.

Proposed activities for the EVS volunteer: There are a lot of possibilities resulting from the multivarious offerings of the Jubi´s programme for the volunteer to get new experiences and take challenges conducting his/her own competences and interests. There is the option to work with the housekeeping also and to gain new experiences within the pedagogical programmes.

We imagine that it is very important for the volunteer that he/she can play a part in the work with his/her possibilities. For the institution it is important that the volunteer is able to bring in his/her individual skills and abilities. Depending on the volunteer the focus can develop to a creative or technical direction. The volunteer can gain experiences in the schoolclass projects and the other seminars, in the houskeeping section, and in working in the big garden surrounding the Jubi.
The EVS volunteer is taking part in the team of the Jubi, which means being involved in meetings, preparations, eg.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process: It is important that the volunteer is open minded for new experiences, to bring in his/her individual abilities and skills and is ready to share processes in the team. The volunteer also should know something about living in a rural district, so that he/she can imagine how to deal with the local conditions.

Interested? If you are interested, please contact Student Plus Foundation EVS@studentplus.ro for further information.


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