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2 EVS projects offer placements in Italian Volunteer Offices

January 24, 2012 | In: , ,

The Centro di Servizio per il Volontariato (CSV), Centre of Voluntary Service, in Biella/Italy is looking for EVS volunteer for project with reference number 2011-IT-147. It will start 4th September 2012 and its duration is 1 year.

The volunteers will ideally participate to a 12 months project, but CSV is ready to offer a volunteer a voluntary service that lasts from 6 to 12 months, depending on the needs of all partners involved.

Tasks: The EVS volunteers will follow out the whole process together with the CSV workers, taking care of those parts of the process they feel most comfortable with. CSV also has an important communication activity, with the aim to promote and disseminate activities and events on the local community. The communication office take care about: CSV’s web site (uploading documents, videos, news…), CSV’a accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickrt and in all the most popular social network.

The communication office also present a press review from local newspapers, and daily collect local news. The volunteers will be helped to share their opinions about the activities they will be involved in, and to suggest new ideas to improve or renew them. In the CSV office the volunteers will have their training sessions and evaluation meetings, a desk and a computer will be at their disposal to carry out their tasks (phone calls, internet researches, documentation).

Selection Criteria: The project is open to all young people; special skills or competences are not required. S/he should be very motivated, flexible, creative, open minded and patient person wishing to work in such a complex context, in touch with a really heterogeneous target. A good motivation to learn the Italian language is also essential for the project. S/he should believe in team working. Candidates could be able to introduce in new good practices that will enable to renew work in hosting office.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to segreteria@acsv.it> segreteria@acsv.it until 26 January 2012.
There is an open call for position for the EVS project 2010-IT-182 by Europe Direct – Eurodesk Trieste. The project will start in September 2012 for 12 months.
Tasks: After being involved for an adeguate time in the Europe Direct activities, the volunteers will have the possibility to choose their main activities (school related, IT and web site, third age university, mobility and youth, …). When the volunteers will be fully integrated, they could develop their own projects like cooking, comics, music, languages training course, sharing best practices about European awareness/communication, …
The volunteers will be asked to promote and disseminate the results of their EVS project, telling about their own experience as a multiplier effect. The volunteers could also be involved in the activities set up by the National Structure of Former European Volunteers called ExisT.
Interested? Send your motivation letter (saved as .DOC, we can not open the .docx) with picture and CV (saved as .DOC, we can not open the .docx) to europedirect@comune.trieste.it until the 26 th of January 2012.
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