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EVS project in Barntrup , Germany

November 5, 2012 | In: , ,

Kinderdorf “Lipperland” Barntrub (2009-DE-25) is searching for a volunteer, who would like to work with children in their small village within the period from 1st of September 2013 till 31st of August 2014.

Application deadline is 15th of December 2012.

Kinderdorf “Lipperland” is a small village, where children and youths live, who can´t live with their own parents anymore. It consists of 15 houses. In every house there is a housemother, a housefather, their children and up to 6 other children to take care of.

Taks: The task of the volunteer will be to support the staff. He/She will help the children with their homework, organize leisure time activities, accompanies the children for shopping or support them with their housework.

Accomodation: The volunteer will have a separate furnished room and will be provided with food. Be aware that this project takes place in a village. It´s not too far to go to a bigger city like Bielefeld, but if you are used to a bigger city, this might not be the right place to go.

Criteria: The volunteer should be able to have conversations in German, as communication with the children is one of the most important aspects of the project. If you´re going to apply for this project, you have to make clear, that working with children is your first priority. You should also be sensitive, active and reliable.


Interested? For more information and for the application form contact us at evs@studentplus.ro

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