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EVS project in Berlin, Germany

October 24, 2012 | In: , ,

The organization Bürgerhaus e.V. (2010-DE-274) is searching for volunteers, who would like to work with children in a day-care center. The project starts in June or July 2013 and will take 12 months.

Applications should be sent until January.

The main role of the volunteer is to support the staff in the day-care center for children. The volunteer will play with the children, do arts or crafts, sing, teach dances and provide the knowledge about different countries to the children, which enables them to see “foreign” not as a threat, but enrichment.

The volunteer will live together with other volunteers in a rented apartment.


Selection Criteria: As the volunteer will work with children, you should make really clear, that you are interested in this field. Of course you have to get along well with kids. Maybe you have already some experiences in this field? One of the most important things is, that the volunteer is reliable. You should also be creative, as many tasks will have to do with arts and you have to show some self-initiative.


Interested?: For more information mail to evs@studentplus.ro .

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