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EVS project in Huesca (Spain)

November 20, 2012 | In:

The Centro de Cultura Popular of Huesca (Aragón, Spain) is looking for two volunteers from October of 2013 until June of 2014 (nine months). The deadline is the end of March of 2013.

Project enviroment: the headquarters of the PMJ are located at the Cultural Centre Matadero, in the city centre. The Culture and Feast areas are also in this centre, as well as the Youth Council of Huesca, a multimedia laboratory with specialised technical counselling, several exhibition rooms, a theatre and concert room, an information room, etc. Among the mentioned programmes managed by the PMJ, the involvement of volunteering is only one of them. As we consider 3 possible placements, we describe each of them:

-1st. placement: “Active youth information points”: EVS volunteers would participate here. This is a grant programme for secondary school and university students. Its beneficiaries manage this information centre, as “correspondents” for the Youth Municipal Plan (PMJ). The information managed, the meeting calendar with the rest of information antennas of Aragon are coordinated by the PMJ. Volunteers would support with this coordination (tasks are specified under “role of volunteers”)

– 2nd and 3d placements: ” Management and facilitation of the young space Z51”: During the last two years, at the PMJ, we have gathered from youth associations and youth groups repeated demands of an space to meet, to make exhibitions, performances, workshops, to store their materials, etc. In response to these requests we are in the proccess of enabling a municipal building (Z51) which in the past we used as an alcohol-free leisure area for youngsters in the weekends. We will shortly start working in this space by loaning rooms and offices to the different groups who have made these requests and they will need to organize their timetables in order to share the space. For the management and organization of all this project there will be a worker from the youth area. The EVS volunteer to be incorporated into this project would work directly with this person in dynamizing the space: making proposals for activities to promote the creation of links between groups of young users as well as getting involved with these groups in the implementation of activities for a monthly Z51 program which can be open to all youngsters in Huesca.

Proposed activities for the EVS volunteers: volunteers will receive specific training: Language training and specific training (social abilities, communication, youth information techniques and group dynamics). They will also be invited to participate in training sessions, seminars,… organised by local, regional and national entities (youth associations, youth councils, city and region councils, IAJ, SNA,…) having to do with youth.

For example, we organise for workers in youth areas training related with the abuse of substances, together with the Social Service Municipal Foundation. We also offer yout information courses for recently incorporated workers, including volunteers. Within the network JDR we have an internal training programme.

Role of volunteers:

. 1st placement: support with the coordination of active points and connection with the network JDR. Volunteers would collaborate with:
-preparation of “weekly information packs” with the information received and generated (posters, youth agenda, youth bulleting, youth magazines, brochures,…)
-distribution of information packs in the pigeon holes for it at each school
-preparation and organisation of monthly meetings of Active Points (one meeting/month)
-monitoring of the centres (weekly visits, so that every PIJ (Youth Information Centre) is visited, at least, once a month). -planning tasks for meetings of the network JDR.

Apart from this, volunteers will participate with the coordination of the network JDR according to their language and time possibilities.

. – 2nd and 3d placements:
The specific tasks of the management and boosting of the young space Z51 are:

– Collaboration with the animator of Z51 for the contacts making and communication with the groups of user of Z51 management of the rooms and offices assignements (hours and scheduling of the uses of each association / group of young people)
– Development of a monthly program of Z51 from the proposals of the groups of users
– Proposal of activities and daily dynamics which may favour mutual knowledge among the groups of users

The activity schedule is mainly in the mornings (3 hours daily from Monday to Friday) and a couple of afternoons: Wednesday (for the two – three volunteers) and Tuesday and Thursday (to be chosen by each of them), 2 ½ hours each afternoon. One weekend a month is of intensive activity (16 hours of activity from Friday to Sunday) morning and afternoon.

The volunteer must know that an average level of Spanish is required for participating in this project.

Are you interested in participating? Please, write to beatriz@studentplus.ro and send your CV and motivation letter until the end of March of 2013.

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