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EVS project in Luxemburg for artistic coaching with theater circus and dance

April 4, 2012 | In: , ,

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Bertrange, Luxembourg is offered by hosting organisation Ligue HMC collectif DADOFONIC (more details: http://www.dadofonic.lu/). Project with EI ref. 2011-LU-3 starts 10th September 2012 and its duration is  8 months.

The collectif DADOFONIC is a sheltered workshop for mentally disabled people who work as professional artists. Currently there are 12 artists with mental disabilities performing arts. Rehearsals, acting exercises, and arts are part of their work. They perform street-, stage- and circusshows.

Two educators specialized in arts train with the 12 artists every day. On different days (2-10 times per month) there are excursions (art galleries, museum of art, performances, theatre) or shows to perform (street-show or theatre).

It will be taken care that the travel from the living place to the working place is possible by public transport. The project has a bicycle that the volonteer can use during the stay. Travel-times : Flat–Lux-city: 20 min ; flat-project : 60 min.

Proposed tasks depend on the skills of the volunteer: graphic, audiovisual, sports, arts, cooking, crafts). S/he will assist the educators in supervising people with disabilities, participate in group life (12 artists with disabilities) and participate during the activities in the sheltered workshop: helping to dress, kitchen-activities, cleaning. Volunteer will also participate in arts activities: warm-up, design and drawings, performing training, games, dance, circus techniques, discussions, readings, visit of museums and theatre performances etc.

Volunteer will have an opportunity to develope activities, new projects or ideas: eg in the arts (drama, art happenings, representations in public place), to support for theatrical (stage, street) as a technician, actors, framing the public.

Selection Criteria: candidate should be motivated to work with people with mental disabilities. S/he should have sense of responsibility and social skills (good communication skills). Volunteer should be interested in art and in particular performing arts as well as autonomous and flexible. Knowledge of at least one of the used languages in the Grand Duchy is an advantage for the communication with the target group. Educational competences are an advantage. Ability to complete projects, activities or ideas -french an german are a strong advantage.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to dadofonic-evs@ligue-hmc.lu and as well to dadofonic@ligue-hmc.lu 30th April 2012(contact person: Claude Englebert).


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