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EVS project in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria

February 27, 2013 | In: , ,

The “Youth-Center Bagger” (2012-AT-44) is searching for volunteers, who would like to work with kids and youngsters from different backgrounds.


Tasks: The volunteer will participate in the daily work of the youth-centre. He will work at the bar, to give away non-alcoholic beverages and small dishes, organize sports events like small football matches and play with young people there. The volunteer will also be able to create own workshops in the field of his/her interest.


Accomodation: The volunteer will live in a shared flat. He/She will have his own sleeping room, but has to share the bathroom, kitchen and living room with another person.


Criteria: As the work will be with young people, the volunteer has to be open to that and should be able to talk about and cope with problems of youngsters. It is very important to socialize well, so that there won´t be a problem to work within the team.


Interested?: You would like to work with young people and you don´t have a problem to live in a rural area in Austria? Then this project might be the right for you.

For further information just contact me at Patrick@studentplus.ro .

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