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EVS project in Yerevan, Armenia

October 17, 2012 | In: , ,

The organization Republican Headquarters of Student Brigades-Voluntary Service of Armenia-HUJ is searching for a volunteer, who would like to work with children who have different physical disabilities within the period from 1.5.2013-1.2.2014.

The deadline for your application is 10th of January!

The aim of this project is, to make these children feel like they are part of society. Help them, to have a life, which is as normal as possible and support them in their everyday life.

To reach this aim, the volunteer has a big variety of tasks:

-The volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in all arts workshops and to support the staff in organizing these activities (painting, sculpturing, handicrafts, etc.)

-He/she will establish social contact with individual children and their parents by chats and games.

-He/she will present his/her country and culture to the children

-Creation of “Happy room” in the Center, organization of recreational activities for the children

playing with the children

-social activities, group games etc.

-excursions and outdoor activities

-the volunteer will have the task to help organizing a big exhibition of the art works of the children on different topics

-organizing sport activities in the territory of the center


Selection Criteria: The volunteer should be very interested, or already have some experiences, in working with children. As many tasks are related to arts, you should be open for creative work. The volunteer should also be kind, communicative and very reliable.


Interested ? : For more information mail to evs@studentplus.ro

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