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EVS projects in Polish Youth-Info Office or School for Deaf Kids

April 4, 2012 | In: , ,

The Polish branch of  SCI – OWA Poland – is looking for 2 volunteers who would like to work in Poland in following EVS projects:

OWA Poland intends to host one volunteer in their office for project with EI ref. 2010-PL-90. The activity would start in August 2012 and would last 9-11 months.

The work takes place mainly in Poznan, but some of the activities require to to travel outside of the city.

Proposed activities: Implementation of educational measures such as workshops on the chosen subject, i.e. ref peace education, intercultural
learning, Gender Involvment in a local working group aiming at implementation of local initiatives (Day Against racial dscrimination, ,KinOWAcinema for developement) Contacting NGOs and individual volunteers from Poznan and surroundings to provide them with information about volunteering, Preparing and leading national and international projects, such as International summer camps, EVS work as part of a team with staff and Polish volunteers: the Volunteers are provided with content-related, didactic, technical and personal developement supporting measures.

Selection criteria: The volunteer should be interested in the subject of voluntary service in general. The motivation to be involved in volunteerism
and educational projects will be the main recruitment factor. Experience in voluntary work and in educational activities is an asset but it’s not necessary. The base of recruitment process will be the applications of applying volunteers;  attention to match volunteer’s interests and expectations with the aims and theme of the chosen project.


The second volunteer would join a project with EI ref. 2010-PL-96 in school for deaf children. That activity would start in October 2012 and last 9 months.

Proposed activities: EVS Volunteers will work directly with children and youth from the OSW. They are welcome to act as assistants, and therefore
their tasks will be directly related to pupils of the centre. Nevertheless, since the volunteers have a different cultural background, we are open to their ideas, suggestions and point of view.

Volunteer’s tasks will generally be divided into the fields of linguistic training and integrating into the host community.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to assist, prepare and co-run numerous educational and leisure activities. Besides the regular school curriculum, the educational activities might include:
– arts and crafts
theatre classes
– sports (and other outdoor activities such as excursions, walks etc.)
– computers
– helping with homework and preparation of classes along with teachers
– summer and leisure time activities.

Selection criteria: the volunteer should have a strong motivation and positive attitude in working with people with auditory problems. Some experience in working with handicapped people would be an advantage. We are open to cooperate with different types of organizations and institutions.

Interested? Send your motivation letter and CV to your local SCI branches. Best to do as soon as possible but latest on April 15th 2012.

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