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EVS vacancies in Iceland and Turkey/ENVIRONMENT or DANCE?

October 6, 2011 | In: , ,

Bodrum Dance Club Association in Turkey is offering EVS placements for period 2012 in project Think once, think twice, think Dance.

If you want to take part in this EVS project connected with dance activities like participating and assistance in dance courses, attending skilled trade courses, downstage and backstage activities during the dance shows, s/he will be will to dance nights to help to instructor and also preparing and supporting activities for International Bodrum Dance Festival (April 2012) as well as promoting information about Youth in Action Programme and European Voluntary Service, etc.

Volunteers with some knowledge in dance and English basic level of spoken English are welcomed.

Duration of project is 9 months

If you are interersted, please send your CV and Mottivation Letter in English to: evs@studentplus.ro. Deadline for applying is 13 October 2011.

More details about project are avaible at The Database on EVS accredited organisation: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_en.cfm EVS Reference Number for this project is 2009-TR-34.


NGO SEEDS is looking for candidates for 2 EVS projects.

The firts offer is connected with activities of international workcamps’ leaders. Project will start in April 2012 and its duration is 7 months. More details is availbe at EVS Accredited Organisation Database withEVS Reference Number: 2009-ISL-3.

The second offer is connected with activities of environmental messengers. Project will also start in April 2012 with duration 7 months. More information avaible in EVS database with EVS Reference Number 2009-ISL-12.

If you are interested send via email to evs@seeds.is following documents in English:

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Specific motivation letter for the project(s) of your interest
3. The filled form with a summary of your data and SEEDS questionnaire with additional questions. Avaible at: http://www.seeds.is/seeds-evs-candidates-questionnaire.doc

Please note that just the applications completed with 3 documents will be accepted. Please state clearly which project(s) you are applying for, your preference and availability of time.

Deadline for applying is 15 October 2011.

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