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EVS vacancy in Brno, Czech Republic. Application deadline is March 2013.

October 29, 2012 | In: , ,

The Luzanky – Centre of leisure, 2010-CZ-13, is looking for new volunteers from Autumn 2013 for 12 months. The volunteers will work in four different projects/houses of the Luzansky centre. Application deadline is March 2013.

Project environment: Brno itself with about 400 000 inhabitants is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. There are five universities and thanks to the high number of students (almost 100 000) the culture life is very various here.

The main house of Luzanky is situated in the city centre, in the largest park of Brno, the other branches take place in different districts of Brno, mainly suburb parts, which are safe and don’t bring more dangers than other parts of the city.
The projects proposed by us take place in different centres which are different one from the other (size, number of employees, type of proposed activities). In all of them there are working teams mainly composed of pedagogues, mostly young people. Generally every of them lead his/her own activities and courses but they also work together during the year as they organize some common events for the public.
All the volunteers will live together in one place and they will also meet in Luzanky on the Czech language course and regular meetings with the project coordinator.

The four projects will be at the:

I. Legato Youth Club
II. Centre of the Dance and Theatre Activities (CDTA)
III. Lyska – Centre of Leisure Time
IV. Labyrint – Studio of Drama Education


Proposed activities for EVS volunteers: After the arrival the volunteer visits his/her working place, meets his/her colleagues and gets more concrete information about the place and work. He/she meets also the project coordinator who explains him or her general and practical things about the project, housing, pocket money, city transport and so on. Volunteers get also more information about Luzanky itself and all the possibilities of courses he/she can attend. During the year the volunteers have opportunity to take part in common meetings of Luzanky employees where he can meet other people.
The volunteer´s personal project is the opportunity to realize your own idea with the support of Luzanky – but you can use this time also for your personal development – attend courses we offer (Luzanky is a big organization with 11 branches in our city – we have children´s circus, rope climbing centre, studios for ceramics, art lessons, handicrafts, multimedia centre), organizing music festivals etc.
Even though every volunteer works in a different place than the others, any cooperation between them and making of the common projects is welcome.
The activities take place mainly in Brno, our volunteers can take part also in trips, camps etc. in other places.


Volunteer profiles and recruitment process: Basically we are looking for volunteers who are motivated to work with people and mainly with children and youth. We will appreciate their activity and willingness in proposing their own ideas and projects. This interest and motivation to work particularly in our project is the most important for us regardless the nationality, gender, language knowledge or personal skills.
We will be choosing our volunteers according to their CV and motivation letter in which we will consider mainly the interest within the project he/she wants to take part in. We are able to accept volunteers with lower opportunities but they have to pass through the same choosing process as the others.


Interested? If you are interested, please contact Student Plus Foundation EVS@studentplus.ro for further information.


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