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EVS-Vacancy in Rudolstadt, Germany

June 28, 2013 | In: , ,

Freie Fröbelschule Cumbach (2011-DE-118) is searching for a volunteer who would like to work with youngsters from 1st of February 2014 until 31st of January 2015.

The tasks of the volunteer will be, to support the staff in their everyday work. Moreover the volunteer is expected to come up with own creative ideas of getting in contact with the children. He is supposed to share some of his knowledge about his.


Criteria: As you are going to work at a primary school, you have to get on well with young kids. You have to be very responsible, reliable and able to work in a team. You should also have a big interest in learning German. If you already have a basic knowledge about German it would be an advantage.


Deadline: The application has to be sent on 30th of August.


Interested?: Feel free to contact me and send an email to Patrick@studentplus.ro

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