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Interested in youth working? EVS Vacancy for you in Spain!

November 29, 2011 | In: , ,

Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia is offering placements for 2 volunteers for project in Málaga (Spain). Duration of project is 9 months and it will start in May 2012.


The volunteer can help in the process of information, participate in mentoring process with other organizations and entities. The volunteer has the opportunity to exhibit a presentation of his/her own experience of citizenship to promote youth mobility. With the training team s/he will participate in the contact process with organisations, planning the training session and also in the development and evaluation of them.

The volunteer will take part in the search process, selection and dissemination of youth information at local, provincial, regional and national levels with a tutor through our website, newsletters, email, etc. The volunteer will learn and will be trained especially in all matters related to international youth projects, international organizations, international volunteer projects, managing youth projects, etc.

With the help of European volunteers and the support of our staff, the volunteer will draw up a magazine/information package which will include topics such as articles/reports on new European youth policies, local youth initiatives, European mobility programmes and activities running in Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia. S/he can propose any article in any format (interview, real stories, opinion, etc.).

The volunteer can contribute with new ideas as well as develop new projects. Intercambia has special interest on developing new projects in the field of new media and youth information/volunteer campaigns. The volunteer can assist in the development of these projects (or he/she can also develop her/his own projects) in this field or in other proposals according to his/her skills and talents.

Criteria for volunteers:

Enthusiastic person who wants to do things and get involved in a youth projects, sharing his/her cultural perspective. The volunteer will be chosen according to motivational criteria, willingness to work team as well as commitment and interest to work with youth.

If you are interested, send the following documentation: CV (English and/or Spanish), Motivational Letter (English and/or Spanish) & Application form (English and/or Spanish). After the pre-selection, the organisation will do a telephone interview to the profiles that best fit in our project and will select the volunteers.

Please notice, that mails will not be taken in consideration, only fullfiled applications avaible at: http://www.europaerestu.eu/registrationform/show/id/13 with attached MOTIVATION LETTER + CV + PHOTO will be considarated.

Deadline to aply: 16th december 2011

More details about this EVS project are avaible at: http://www.europaerestu.eu/news/show/page/1

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