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EVS vacancy in The Netherlands at Stichting Kwintes “day activity center for mentally challenged people”

April 9, 2012 | In:

EVS vacancy for 3 candidates in Almere, The Netherlands. Stichting Kwintes “day activity center for mentally challenged people” is offering project that will start 1st September 2012 and its duration is 1 year.

Kwintes believes that people with restrictions as a result of long-term mental problems have a right to a life as everyone else.

Stichting Kwintes is an organisation wich supports people who need mental assistance (note: this are not people with disabillities) Day spending is an important part of this assistance.

Target group are clients with long-term mental problems which are not able to function indepedently in the society (with psychiatric diagnosis, serious psychosocial problems, addiction problems).

As EVS volunteer you will be part of a small group of volunteers. Kwintes also organizes different meetings for all the volunteers and friends of the organization once a while.

Proposed activities: There will be fixed patterns and tasks volunteer have to perform but after some time there will be opportunities to change tasks:

– getting groceries with the clients

– assist the clients when they are taking a walk, cooperate/assist bicycle reparing

– assist the clients with cooking, help with in the kitchen with the preparation of meals/lunch, help with catering, cooking lessons,

– assist the clients in leisure time activities like: bowling, riding a bike, sailing and daytime spending activities as well:. handcraft, artcraft, socializing (board)games

– to assist/give computer courses, of several creative groups, of making clothes, language courses, a film course

– participate/organize in sport activities, trips cooperate with the mobile greenness team

– help with at administrative and reception activities

Selection Criteria: Candidate has to be able to speak English – the most important crieteria and will be checked after pre-selection. S/he should be strongly motivated and able to work in a group and get in toch with other cultures (open minded). Volunteer should have experience with working in a NGO. S/he should present affinity for people with fewer opportunities, movement attitude, order and hygiene at the implementation of cleaning activities, attention concerning the security of the clients.

It would be great if candidate is creative, initiative as these qualities are necessary at the implementation of the social activities.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation leter to evskwintesalmere@tripin.eu until 21st of April 2012.

More details avaible here: http://www.tripin.eu/uploads/EVSvacancies/vacancykwintesalmere2011.pdf

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