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EVS volunteer for Archaeological Park in Xanten, Germany

October 18, 2012 | In: ,

The Archaeological Park in Xanten, Germany, 2011-DE-17, is looking for one EVS volunteer starting 1st September 2013 for the duration of 12 month. Deadline for applictions is 1st Frebruary 2013.

Project environment:

Xanten is a small town on the niederrhein with a town centre from the middle ages. There live approximately 20,000 people. Xanten is not far away from the Dutch border. At the Archaeological Park the employees’ work is research into the roman town of ‘Colonia Ulpia Traiana’ by excavation. The history is made visible, alive and comprehensible. The enormous town area is examined by an excavation team under the management of archaeologists. On the basis of the excavation results life size models will be built and original finds and foundations are shown in the ground. The model should help the 700,000 vivitors who visit the APX annually imagine what the town was like.


The volunteer should get to know different areas of ground monument preservation and museum pedagogy. They should work in the following areas in the course of the year.
1) Participation on the existing excavation
2) Working with findings
3) Work in the restauration work shop
4) Public Relation (designing brochures) and museum
5) Participation on the international archaeological summer academy
6) Participation in the seminars of the Jugendbauh├╝tte (Youth Building Hut) seven weeks a year
Moreover, we would like to involve the volunteer into our activity around the European heritage day which always takes place in september. This day is thought for the local community in order to get an insight into the work of our organisation.

Selection Criteria:
The volunteer should show curiosity and enjoyment in cultural heritage. They should also be willing to work outside as the excavations should involve a lot of outside work.


Contact Student Plus Foundation EVS@studentplus.ro for further information.

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