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EVS Volunteer for community life wanted (Granada, Spain)

January 12, 2012 | In: , ,

Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad (in Sierra Elvira, a small town 10 kms. away from Granada) is looking for volunteer for a project with Reference Number 2010-ES-55 starting in May 2012 with duration 9 months.

FES has a community of 8 paired houses (some of them are currently being restored) and there is also a building for workshops, a swimming-pool, a small farm, an office, etc. The main beneficiaries are mothers with children, immigrant youth and mental disabled people. They come from low social and economic environments, with difficult life conditions.

PROPOSED ACTITIVITIES FOR EVS VOLUNTEERS: In FES we carry out several programmes in which volunteers may collaborate: “Mejor con mama” (Better with Mum), for mothers and children in situation of vulnerability. The activities in which volunteers may participate are conditioning of the community houses (restoring, painting, building work,… with other volunteers and residents, supervised by the mentor); initial report and itinerary of families, with the educators; training in health education and care of children, preparation of workshops or activities with the educator (weekly), in FES, with the educators of the social and educational activities (open air, workshops, visits, etc.) and integration in activities in the town punctually.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Volunteer should be motivated, flexible, active and creative youngsters. Knowledge of English and Spanish is necessary. S/he should be willing to work for the others and with vocation for it, responsible, hopeful, with adaptation and communication skills. Previous training and experience will be taken into account, as well as, and above all, motivation, assessed through direct communication between volunteers and the organisation.

Interested? Please send your CV and the Motivation Letter to: Feskesmegulu@gmail.com until the 24th January!

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