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EVS Volunteer needed for Bulgarian Festival of documentary movies

March 15, 2012 | In: , ,

Nobody knows is EVS short-term (7 weeks) project in Bulgarian capital Sofia. Project with REF. no 2011-BG-29 is managed by Association CHUDNO (details avaible here: http://chudno.weebly.com/english.html). It starts 18th August 2012 and end of the project is 6th October 2012.

Project “Nobody knows” will take place in the fifth edition of Festival documentary “One New World” in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main topic of the project will be: ways to increase public awareness on global, environmental, personal and social problems.

Proposed activities:

1. Participation of the building and spreading the image of our organization.
2. Taking a part of organizing of various events: seminars, initiatives, festivals, laughter yoga, flash mob and trainings;
3. Preparing information materials (billboards, flyers, brochures, etc.);
4. Inidividual initiatives;
5. Working on the Engish version of our web site
6. Helping with the communication between the participants in various events;
7. Developing and running projects, sponsored by European and national grants.

Main objectives are: 1) Strengthen understanding between cultures and expansion of public awareness and critical attitude towards the problems of human and civil rights, 2) Enabling the public to join in discussions on the topics covered in documentaries .

Selection Criteria: Candidates should be with interest and experience in the humanitarian field. Advantage would have volunteers who know English well and have interests, corresponding with the association. It would be important for us that our future guests are tolerant and understand others with their different perspectives and lifestyles.

Interested? Send your application to evs@life-navigators.com (contact person Petar Petrov) until 15th April 2012.

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