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EVS volunteers needed for project in the Netherlands

April 3, 2012 | In: , ,

Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland is looking for EVS volunteers for project in The Hague, Rijswijk. It will start 1st September 2012 and its duration is 1 year.

“Sustainable Voluntary Work 2013” is a long term EVS Program organized with aims to give volunteers an experience of European Voluntary Service promoting intercultural learning and working with (disadvantaged) children and young people. Responsibilities are given to the volunteer, and through daily interaction with other (EVS) volunteers the experience is being shared and learned from.

The volunteers are expected to work with other staff members, volunteers and youth workers to carry out the program for the children and youth. Possible tasks of the volunteers will be to assist the children in different age groups in the overblijf (lunch break in a school for those who are coming to the Netherlands) and in organising a big youth exchange in the summer. There are additional activities like: organizing kids feasts, open house, and holiday activities for the children.

Proposed Tasks:
The tasks and activities of the volunteers are generally conducted from Monday to Friday, from 11.00- 17.00 hours. The concrete activity of the volunteer is to carry out activities in Don Bosco Youthnet and Don Bosco youth centre:

1. Their primary task will be in a Youth Centre. Together with Don Bosco’s staff they carry out activities. Their concrete task is to carry out programmes for school children in the project at and outside schools. These programmes are on the basis of prolonged school activities and community school (Bredeschool) activities. Overblijf (during the lunch break) will be one of the daily activities of the volunteer.

2. Receive the guests (Groups) to Don Boscohuis (Don Bosco Youthnet) and see to their accommodation and assisting the staff members with programs for this group. The volunteers will be supported by Don Bosco staff and qualified persons.

Selection Criteria: Candidate should be committed and enthousiastic to working and living with other volunteers, and being hospittable to guests of the Don Bosco House. Don Bosco youth centre is characterized for the intercultural activities. We hope to get young volunteers who express solidarity and have respect for diversity.  SPhe should be pro-active in taking responsibility in the projects and in the Don Bosco House.

The volunteers will be working with projects with diverse social and religious background and should have resprect for the multi-religious and social values. In return, the organisation will also respect the principles of the individual volunteer.

Practical arrangements for the volunteer • Food: The volunteer will be staying in a community with other volunteers. Volunteers will have opportunity to take part in all the meals with the community. Once a week the volunteer will also get an chance to cook for all (8-10 persons). •

Accommodation: The volunteer will have an individual room with a shower and toilet. The volunteer can make use of the community living room, TV, dining hall, parlour to receive guest etc. There is also facility for launtary in the community.

Interested? Sent your CV and motivation letter to youthnet@donbosco.nl and to mail@dbyn.nl until 25th April 2012 (contact person: Biju Oledath).

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