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EVS youth project in Gulbene, Latvia, Application deadline is 25 September 2012

September 19, 2012 | In: ,

The youth center “Bāze”  in Gulbene, Latvia, 2010-LV-7, is looking for 2 volunteers from 1 April 2013 to 1 March 2014.


The main task for the volunteers will be to organize at least once a week a workshop for local youngsters based on their skills – music or creative workshops. Moreover there will be some bigger activities during the project when volunteers will be asked to take part – to plan, to prepare and to implement the activities together with youth center workers and youngsters. Volunteers will have some official events and some optional (both volunteers can choose whether in preparing these “big” events together or separately). Planned “big” activities: 1) European day (May); 2) Musical days (day-camp) for kids (1 working week in June, July and August) 2) Youth day (July) 3) Youth center “Baze” anniversary (September) 4) Autumn school holidays (1 week in October) 5) Latvian National holidays (November 11 and 18) 6) Annual Youth Award Ceremony (January) 7) Closing party of the project (February). The volunteers’ initiative and new ideas will be welcomed; therefore there could be more tasks and activities for them if they will want so.

Selection Criteria:

– 1 person who has knowledge and experience in organizing different creative workshops such as handicrafts, arts, second-hand use workshop etc.

– 1 person who has knowledge and experience in music – playing instruments, teaching skills.

We are not searching for professionals in both fields but for volunteers who love music, art, working and using his/ her hands and are ready to work and share their skills with local youngsters.

We prefer enthusiastic, easy going, communicable and responsible volunteers, who are ready to lead structured workshops, but at the same time leave space for spontaneous and new ideas to implement together with the local youth.


Contact Student Plus Foundation EVS@studentplus.ro for further information.


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