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German EVS project related to activities for people with disabilities

August 2, 2012 | In: , ,


German hosting organisation BHH Sozialkontor/Kirchdorf Süd  located in Hamburg is looking for 11 EVS volunteers. Project  with EI. Ref.  2008-DE-204 will start 1st March 2013 and its duration is 10-12 months.

The meeting point “Treffpunkt Kirchdorf Süd (KDS)” is a project of BHH Sozialkontor (BHH) in the south of Hamburg. It is a meeting and counselling point for people with/out diasbilities. Nearby, there is an ambulant assisted living community for people with disabilities (AWG Kirchdorf Süd).

Since 2010 several volunteers from different countries enriched the work of the meeting point with their special capacities and ideas.

Proposed Tasks: The volunteers give individuals or groups of disabled persons the chance to take part in the social and cultural life of Hamburg. In the following there are some examples for typical activities of European volunteers: individual company of certain residents during leisure time activities company of small groups for leisure time activities (e.g. cultural activities, sport) equal experiences and common learning of disabled persons (as local experts) and European volunteers (as leisure time animate) development of his or her own cultural projects according to the volunteer’s ideas and abilities (e.g. theatre project, making a film, organizing a day trip, internet project) working in one of the existing projects and bring in his or her own ideas (e.g. internet café).

Selection Criteria: We wish to welcome young people, who bring along initiative, flexibility and creativity. This is important, because during your European voluntary service you get the chance to realize your own ideas and interests. As you are working with human beings it is important that you adjust yourself to the individual disabled person and bring along empathy.

Of course we would like you to be really interested in the contact with disabled people. For the contact with the disabled people it is also very important that you are motivated to learn German also outside the language course. Also you should be interested in cultural activities because the focus of your volunteer’s tasks lies in the cultural area (e.g. organizing or accompanying leisure time activities of disabled persons).

Interested? Send your application to until deadline 25th August 2012 evs@bhh-sozialkontor.de (contact person: Kristina Kronehe).

Check details here  http://www.bhh-sozialkontor.de/mitarbeiten/ehrenamt-freiwilligendienste/europaeischer-freiwilligendienst/european-voluntary-service/

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