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Greece is calling for 20 volunteers for a 1month EVS project in summer 2013

July 30, 2012 | In: , ,


Solidarity Tracks is looking for 20 volunteers for a 1month EVS project starting on 1st of May 2013.

This project with EI. Ref. 2011-GR-22 will be hosted in the town of Nidri, on the island of Lefkas, in Greece.

During the month, the volunteers will have the main activity of finishing an Eco-Home, more exactly:

applying earthen plasters and lime stucco, woodworking such as counters, cupboards and shelving, installing electric and plumbing appliances, tile placement in humidity stressed areas such as bathroom and kitchen windows and door placement and finally, floor construction.

Besides these finishing activities, the 20 volunteers will also plan how to use the future garden area of the Eco-Home, will promote sustainable development, eco-tourism and healthy lifestyles to the local community with the concrete example set by the Eco-Home and will act as ambassadors of Eco Building and Sustainable Development in their own countries.

You can check ideas of previous volunteers about  EcoHome for Children (short stop motion video)

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter  to pistes_solidaires@yahoo.gr until 20th August 2012.


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