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Green EVS project in Czech Republic is looking 2 volunteers

August 20, 2012 | In: , ,

Hosting organisation Youth and Environment Europe (more details avaible at http://www.yeenet.eu/) is looking for 2 EVS volunteers.

Project with EI. Ref. 2010-CZ-37 located in Prague, Czech Republic will start 1st April 2013 and its duration is 1 year.

If you would like to join the YEE office team and learn a lot about international environmental network check following details.

Check impressions of previous volunteers and visit EVS blog and EVS radio to check what volunteers in YEE do.

Proposed Tasks:
The project for our volunteers is divided into three main parts:

1. The first part is the help in the office of Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) with activities connected with campaigns, training courses, seminars, webpage and publications. Concrete tasks offered to volunteers to choose from are, for example: networking with our member organisations, creating or collecting interesting articles for YEE publications, publication design, updating the YEE webpage, campaign preparations and taking pictures for publications.

S/he will also have the opportunity to attend and represent YEE in the events and projects all over Europe which we are participating in and organising. International projects are one of the main areas of YEE’s activities and our EVS volunteers are offered the opportunity to take part in these events.

The volunteer can also participate and help in all activities needed for running an NGO and preparing youth projects.

2. The second part is to help in the practical activities in the Ecological Centre Toulcuv Dvur. This part of the project will help our volunteers to enter the local community. Toulcuv Dvur organises educational programmes on the topic of nature for children, handcrafts, presentations on Czech traditions and cultural events. There are a lot of programmes that are carried out, such as bread baking, home-soap production, wooden basket production, help with the animals, practical help in the garden and orchard, support by preparations of cultural events and exhibitions. Some examples of the cultural events at Toulcuv Dvur are Carnival, Christmas, Bio market andthe Day of the Earth. The part of the project enables volunteers to make more practical activities and often in the nature.

3. The third part is the volunteer’s own project. We give our volunteers time to develop their own project with the help of YEE, especially EVS coordinator. The possibilities are quite open, depending on the volunteer’s interests but preferably should be connected with nature and/or the environment. We offer volunteers the possibility to develop their own idea about activities in a way which will help her/him in their future job or study.

Selection Criteria: Motivation, understanding of the specificity of this EVS project, possibilities to learn new skills.

We are selecting candidates for EVS volunteers amond the team working in the office and YEE board members according to CV and motivation letter. It is important for us to choose a motivated candidates who can learn a lot during the EVS project.

Interested? Send your application to the YEE EVS Coordinator Gosia Zubowicz gosia@yeenet.eu untill deadline 20th August 2012.

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