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Hungarian and Turkish vacancies avaible

January 13, 2012 | In: , ,

Egyesek organisation from Budapest, Hungary is looking for 6 EVS volunteers. Project with Reference Number 2010-EACEA-36 will start in October 2012 with duration 12 months.

VOLUNTEER’S TASKS: Within programme called KEKSZ the students practice a lot of skills with the method of non-formal education (volunteer work, sport and theatre activities). Here the volunteers will join our team and first help in organising the various regular volunteering, sport and cultural programmes and evaluation classes. The volunteer will choose between two options for the rest of the time: s/he can develop an own project with the members of team or join an already existing one; or s/he can provide more intercultural learning opportunities in the high school – within the framework of afternoon classes, language classes and camps.
SELECTION CRITERIA: Volunteers should have experience in youth work, or planning to be engaged in it after going home; at least 22 years old (it is important because they will be in a teacher’s role in a lot of cases and the oldest students of the high schools are 19 years old). Any volunteer is welcome with difficulties or with less opportunity background if he/she fulfils the above mentioned conditions, we have experience in providing reinforced mentorship.
Interested? Send your CV and the attached application to form evs@studenplus.ro until 22th of January!

EVS Vacancies in TURKEY

Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı – TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation) is looking for 6 volunteers for the period of August 2012 – July 2013 for projects with 3 different activities in Istanbul and in Samsun, Turkey.

VOLUNTEER’S TASKS IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT (Istanbul): writing, adding news and updating thEnglish web site, participating in local/national projects in different cities, taking part in TOG Youth Coucil (twice a year) as well as in international projects, promoting EVS among youngsters in community. S/he may come up with his/her idea of a project and task according to his/her interests and skills.

VOLUNTEER’S TASKS IN YOUT CENTRES (Samsun/Istanbul): to take part in local/national projects in different cities as well as in international projects, to participate in TOG Youth Coucil (twice a year), to support promoting European Voluntary Service among local youngsters. S/he may come up with his/her idea of a project and task according to his/her interests and skills.

Interested? Send your CV and the motivation letters to evs@tog.gen.tr until 20th January 2012. Any additional photos, videos or any material which tells about you will be welcomed.

In your applications please;

•    Mention  which activity you are applying for; (you can for both)
•    Send motivation letter related to the applied activity;
•    Information about your SO (Contact person; HEI Ref Number etc…)

For more information please have a look to the web page at http://tog.org.tr/EN/head_news-113

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