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Hungarian voluntary workcamp is calling for participants

February 28, 2012 | In: , ,

Would you like to do something useful? Do you love travelling to extremly nice places to try yourself out in a great group? Haven’t found a camp yet?

1. HU-SCI 6.3: Parádfürdői Youth Camp about Envinroment

Date: 11th-21st June 2012

Language: English

Number of volunteers: 12 in age 18 – 70

Accommodation: In wooden houses in mixed rooms location of the camp shared bathroom, and providing three meals daily.

Extra Costs: 0.00 Hungarian Forint

Description: Paradfurdo is a small village situated at the Mountains Matra, in an environmental protected area. Longer hiking or cycling tours available, and the Lake Trout is not far from the camp. So many variety of water resource area is located. Parád town is located in the centre of Palóc rural village, where are a number of ethnographic and cultural-historical value.

Type of Work: The camp of wooden outdoor furniture, repairing fence, wooden houses of surface treatment (grinding, painting) The national and EU sources, and our revenues from tourism recovery in the camp of continuous improvement. A neighborhood schools, kindergartens are living in worse financial circumstances, and we want to help the children. We work with helpers, and enthusiastic dedicated professionals, who care for young people’s fate.

We welcome all volunteers who want to make better and nicer our camp, and help to us the weather-worn wood surfaces re-turn to the summer camp expect our children.

Study Theme: Optional excursions are:

1) Parádfürdő and its environment: getting acquainted with the highlights of the area (Parádfürdő, Museum of cars, Erzsébet Park, Rákóczi-tree, Mária column) 2) The castle of Kanázs: trip to the ruins of the fortress, visiting Recsk and a mine 3) Kékes(the biggest mountain of Hungary): all day-excursions, for experienced walkers. (you can choose from different programs- Vörösmarty tourist house, Lake Pisztrángos, Kőris- swamp) There’s a possibility to go there by bus. 4) Ilona-valley: waterfall Map: http://www.paraditabor.hu/terkep.htm

For more information please contact  incoming.scihun@gmail.com! (or take a look at www.workcamps.info and make a registration)


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